These are the Finest Cuts of Beef Defined (Trace: Not the Most Costly)

All beef, no bull–read this earlier than cooking your subsequent steak.

Beef. It’s a staple of the American eating regimen, a scrumptious dish that people have loved in a single type or one other since prehistoric occasions. And now that you just’re now not pursuing your dinner throughout an enormous grassy plain, you may afford to be a bit picky about which minimize of beef you select to grill, roast, or maybe reverse sear (an all-time Primer favourite method).

However in contrast to hen or pork, ordering or shopping for and cooking beef is usually a bit overwhelming. There are simply greater than a dozen cuts of beef. You’ve in all probability heard of a lot of them–particularly the favored steakhouse cuts like porterhouse, T-bone, New York strip, and sirloin. However are you aware what differentiates tri-tip from flank steak? Or why to order–or how you can cook dinner–both of them?

The subsequent time you’re within the temper for a steak dinner, do your self (and any visitors) a favor and familiarize your self with the most typical cuts of beef, what they’re good for, and the easiest way to cook dinner each. For instance, don’t assume that you must purchase dear filet mignon to be able to have the very best tasting, most flavorful meal. Ready accurately, any of those cuts shall be scrumptious.

To create this information, I consulted with Lou from the well-known Marconda’s butcher store, proper right here on the Los Angeles Farmer’s Market. Household owned since 1941, Marconda’s is aware of a factor or two about beef. (Professional tip: if you wish to get the highest quality beef, search out a neighborhood butcher.)

Understanding Beef Rib Cuts

Beef cuts diagram of the rib


Together with the porterhouse, Lou notes that this is likely one of the prime two cuts of beef. Ribeye combines nice taste and texture, due to a marbling of fats that helps it keep tender throughout cooking. Trying to impress your date with a steak dinner? The ribeye is your minimize.

Quick Ribs

Bigger and meatier than pork ribs, beef quick ribs might require lengthy cooking occasions however are just about unimaginable to mess up. And when finished correctly, the meat will slide off the bones. To create a restaurant-quality meal at house, strive Galbi, or Korean-style quick ribs. The soy sauce-based marinade historically comprises brown sugar and pear, which helps caramelize the meat to savory-sweet perfection.

Prime Rib, Rib Roast

The time period prime rib is extra more likely to be seen in a restaurant than on the butcher’s counter. To be prime rib, it have to be a rib roast from probably the most fascinating a part of the rib part. The flavour is nearer to roast beef than a steak.

Again Ribs

Properly-marbled with fats, these are the bones the ribeye comes off of. Beef ribs will be chewy if not ready accurately – flavorful and tender ribs take a couple of hours to cook dinner.

Beef Quick Loin Cuts

Beef cuts chart of the short loin: in mid back of cow with cuts: Porterhouse (grill / pan fry), t-bone steak (grill / pan fry), filet mignon, tenderloin (grill / pan fry), New York  strip steak (grill / pan fry)
Beef cuts from the quick loin area include a few of the costliest cuts on the cow.


Reduce from the rear finish of the loin, this minimize of beef options two steaks, linked by a T-shaped bone: the bigger strip steak, which packs a flavorful punch, and the smaller, extremely tender filet mignon. Together with the ribeye, that is considered one of Lou’s prime two steaks. 

T-Bone Steak

Almost an identical to the porterhouse, the T-bone is minimize farther ahead on the loin and contains much less of the filet mignon. This may also help you determine which you wish to eat, relying on whether or not taste or texture is extra necessary to you. Together with the porterhouse, the T-bone is taken into account one of many highest high quality steaks and is a steakhouse staple.

(New York) Strip Steak

A strip steak is the half of a porterhouse or T-bone with out the filet mignon. Reduce from a little-used muscle on the loin, this steak is especially tender–although much less so than the filet mignon or ribeye.

Filet Mignon, Tenderloin

The tenderloin is a slim strip of tender meat that spans the loin and sirloin beneath the ribs subsequent to the spine. When minimize into particular person parts, it is bought as Filet Mignon. Probably the most tender cuts on the beast, it makes up half of a porterhouse or T-Bone steak. Some discover that whereas it excels in tenderness, it lacks that sturdy beefy taste.


Beef cuts chart of the sirloin: Tri-tip steak (grill / pan fry), sirloin steak (grill / pan fry), tri-tip roast (grill / roast)
The sirloin part of the cow are cuts from the decrease again.

Tri-Tip Steak

A minimize from the underside of the sirloin, the Tri-Tip is low in fats and has glorious taste when grilled not directly for about 40 minutes. To scale back cooking time, strive chopping it into medallions. It may also be roasted. Whichever technique you select, watch out to not cook dinner it previous medium since it is so low in fats.

Tri-Tip Roast

When marinated and roasted, this lean minimize of beef can grow to be very tender.

Sirloin Steak

A sirloin steak could be very juicy and flavorful so long as it isn’t overcooked, and is expounded to the T-bone and porterhouse steaks. Search for a leaner steak, as fattier steaks are inclined to have loads of gristle.


Beef cuts chart of the chuck: flat iron (grill / pan fry), chuck steak (braise / ground), chuck roast (braise / roast) boneless short ribs (braise / ground)
The chuck area is the ought to of the cow and comprises some cuts which might be greatest cooked slowly.

Chuck Steak

A tricky minimize of beef that softens with a gradual cooking technique, chuck is nice for kebabs and casserole sort dishes. It may also be eaten as a steak with in a single day marinating.

Chuck Roast

A well-liked roast for pot roast, shredded beef, and beef and Swiss cheese sandwiches. With extra fats than different cuts of beef, the roast has extra taste and a young texture when braised correctly. Reasonably than shopping for pre-ground, ask your butcher to grind it contemporary for an excellent burger (or do it your self and benefit from the taste improve).

Flat Iron

Launched by groups at College of Nebraska and College of Florida, researchers developed a technique of eradicating robust connective tissue from a minimize coming from the shoulder. The result’s a tasty, tender–and low cost–minimize of beef. Lou calls it the very best worth in a steak, and advises: “Cook dinner it on the uncommon facet and slice it throughout the grain.” Science is scrumptious.

Boneless Ribs

Lou loves it, “Fantastic taste, if in case you have the time to cook dinner it gradual, and it’s an excellent worth whenever you aren’t in a rush. It makes the very best tasting soup, chili and even stew.”

When you’re familiarizing your self with a few of the commonest cuts of beef, be sure you additionally brush up in your fundamental beef terminology to be sure you and your butcher are on the identical web page.


Beef cuts diagram of the brisket (braise)
The chest of the cow is named brisket and could be very flavorful however requires a protracted, gradual cook dinner time.

Beef Brisket

This lean breast muscle helps 60% of the cattle’s physique weight and requires gradual and moist cooking strategies to melt it to melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. It’s usually used to make corned (that means salt-cured) beef or pastrami.


Beef cuts diagram of the flank (marinate & grill)
The flank is the stomach of the cow and is a really robust minimize of beef.

Flank Steak

A really lean minimize from the belly area, it is considerably harder than different steaks and requires marinating and grilling or braising to melt. Usually utilized in fajitas.

Quick Plate

beef cuts diagram of short plate cow section: hanger steak (marinate & grill), skirt steak (marinate & grill)
The quick plate comprises cheaper cuts of beef which might be flavorful however require correct tenderizing.

Skirt Steak

Much like the flank steak, the robust skirt steak requires tenderizing methods like marinating and grilling. Skirt steak is commonly utilized in making carne asada.

Hanger Steak

Generally known as “the butcher’s minimize,” as a result of butchers would maintain it for themselves, the hanger steak has nice beef taste and will be fairly tender so long as it’s cooked beneath medium. Hanger steaks are sometimes present in bars as a tasty sub-$20 steak possibility. The hanger steak and skirt steak are part of the animal’s diaphragm, break up into two meat cuts. Skirt steak is mostly harder than hanger.


Beef cuts diagram of the round - the back section of the cow –, showing rump roast and top round (braise / roast), london broil (marinate & grill)
Cuts from the spherical come from the rear of the cow and require gradual roasting or marinating.

High Spherical, London Broil

A steak from the spherical, or rear leg, usually labeled London Broil. It is a robust steak that may want marinating, and may also be broiled to seal within the juices. A number of taste for a low value–cook dinner it proper and it is scrumptious.

Rump Roast

A typical selection for pot roast, the closely used muscle will must be cooked 25-40 minutes per pound to melt.

USDA Grades

Yet another factor to control whereas purchasing–the meat grading system is a technique of evaluating the standard and usable quantity of meat that may be harvested from cattle. Usually talking, the distinction is predicated on how outdated the cattle is, what it was fed, and the quantity of marbling current. You don’t have to purchase the top-tier grade to have a superb meal, simply maintain the grade in thoughts whenever you’re planning how you can prep and cook dinner.

USDA Prime

USDA Prime shield

Prime beef is taken into account the best grade, with the next quantity of marbling. Most eating places and lodges use (and boast) Prime beef. To arrange a Prime roast or steak, strive a dry-heat cooking technique like broiling, roasting or grilling.

USDA Selection

USDA Choice shield

Though it has much less marbling than Prime beef, Selection beef continues to be thought of top quality. For tender, juicy cuts, choose one of many loin or rib choices. When you go for a much less tender minimize, strive a cooking technique that makes use of liquid fairly than dry warmth, equivalent to braising or simmering.

USDA Choose

USDA Select shield

Choose beef is usually the leanest grade. To make sure optimum tenderness, use a marinade earlier than cooking and braise to seal in as a lot moisture as potential.

Widespread Questions on Beef and Steak

What’s a steak?

A “steak” is nothing greater than any meat minimize throughout the muscle right into a thick slice. Technically, steak can come from any animal, however the phrase is commonly related to higher-quality beef cuts.

What’s marbling?

A beef steak with high marbling

Marbling is meat that comprises a excessive quantity of fats throughout the muscle. Excessive marbling is fascinating and one of the necessary elements within the USDA grading system. Meat with excessive marbling shall be tender and flavorful, whereas a minimize with no marbling will be robust.

3 steaks with varying degrees of marbling
Examples of steak marbling offered by the USDA

What’s a roast?

A roast is a minimize of meat that’s often cooked entire. Roasts serve a number of folks, and infrequently use the “roasting” cooking technique, which is heating in a dry oven. Roasts may also be braised, which includes frying the surface of the meat after which cooking it slowly in a closed container, usually with some type of liquid (this step is often known as stewing).

What’s Kobe beef?

Kobe is the trademark of a Japanese firm. Considerably just like how Champagne refers to glowing wine from a selected area of France, Kobe refers to cuts from a selected breed of cattle generally known as Wagyu, that are raised in strict circumstances. Pure Kobe beef from Japan can’t be bought legally within the US, however it’s potential to search out domestically raised Kobe-style beef. Whereas Kobe beef is taken into account to be a delicacy, those that have tasted it both think about it the very best beef on the earth, or do not perceive the hype. When in comparison with USDA scores, Kobe beef is taken into account two grades greater than Prime.

What’s Angus beef?

Angus beef comes from a breed of cow with the identical identify. Nevertheless, Licensed Angus Beef is beef from black Angus cattle that has met sure {qualifications} involving marbling, dimension, and high quality of a minimum of Selection and Prime. The necessities comes from The American Angus Affiliation, a non-public, non-government group, and should not be confused with USDA grading system outlined above. Angus normally is a standard breed for beef, however a lot of it isn’t licensed.

What’s the most tender steak?

The tenderloin, often known as filet mignon, is probably the most tender. It comes from the quick loin minimize of the cow. With beef, usually, the extra tender a steak minimize is, the much less taste it has. For the very best of each worlds, think about a t-bone, which encompasses a tender filet on one facet of the bone and a beefy New York strip on the opposite. When you’re particularly hungry, order the Porterhouse, just like a t-bone however bigger.

What minimize of meat is roast beef?

Ask a gaggle of butchers, and also you’ll in all probability get a number of totally different solutions. It additionally is determined by should you’re speaking a few roast, as in a big minimize that serves a number of folks, or should you imply roast beef, the thinly sliced star of the deli counter. Like many sorts of meals, the reply is determined by your tastes, your most well-liked cooking strategies, your time, and your finances.

For a roast, should you like braising, smoking, grilling, or utilizing a gradual cooker, strive making beef brisket. Oven-roasted tri-tip will be significantly tender, whereas chuck roast advantages from braising (use beef broth for distinctive depth of taste). And for an actual deal with, after all you may’t go fallacious with a ribeye roast–cook dinner it entire for a particular vacation meal.

For roast beef sandwiches, you need a lean minimize of beef. The marbling in fattier steaks melts within the oven, which is best for a dish served scorching from the oven. Boneless beef prime loin roast has the flavour and chewy texture you need in a sandwich, and as a result of minimize, the entire fats is on the floor–which makes it straightforward to trim off earlier than slicing. A backside or eye spherical roast is extra budget-friendly, however equally tasty.

What minimize of beef is prime rib?

Prime rib, often known as a standing rib roast, is a extremely sought-after minimize of beef that comes from the rib primal part of a steer. This beautiful minimize includes ribs six by means of twelve and contains a few of the most tender and flavorful meat. The time period “prime” refers back to the grade of the meat, which signifies the best high quality, boasting plentiful marbling and tenderness. Nevertheless, it is value noting that not all prime ribs are essentially graded as “prime” by the USDA; they may also be graded as “selection” or “choose.” Prime rib is just not a steak; it’s a roast. A steak is a smaller, particular person portion minimize throughout the muscle, whereas a roast is a bigger minimize of meat that’s usually cooked entire and serves a number of folks. The prime rib’s wealthy marbling and tender texture make it good for roasting, leading to a succulent, mouthwatering dish that’s usually the centerpiece of particular events and vacation meals.

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