Are Menstrual Cups Actually For Each Physique? An Educator Weighs In

With so many choices on the market, the problem turns into discovering a product that is the fitting measurement on your physique. Most cups are marketed as both common in cervix size or longer, and, as Rosas says, “A cup that does not suit you internally isn’t going to work.”

When you’ve skilled ache with a cup earlier than, it may very properly be as a result of you might have a excessive cervix. Throughout the day, reusable cups journey up because of muscle contractions and bodily motion. This will trigger the cup to journey up too excessive, sending your physique into fight-or-flight mode. “You recognize it might probably’t be misplaced, however your physique does not have logic the identical manner your thoughts does—so it tenses up,” Rosas says. This is the reason selecting the best measurement on your physique is so vital. “It is good to know what you are moving into earlier than you waste cash or earlier than you get into a type of actually fearful experiences,” Rosas says. 

Your cervix peak varies relying on the time of the month, so to search out out your perfect measurement, Rosas recommends measuring your cervix throughout your interval—particularly the primary and final day—and paying attention to the bottom quantity. Take a finger to measure inside your vagina opening, up till you contact your cervix—it feels just like the tip of your nostril.

When you have a tough time discovering it, chances are high you might have a excessive cervix. In case your finger finds your cervix, buying a cup that is shorter than the size measured will present essentially the most consolation. Low cervix choices can be found in-store too.

These with a low cervix may discover success with a disc relatively than a cup. Menstrual discs are suction-free and straightforward to take away, nonetheless, “should you’re coming from a tampon with an applicator, it may be actually messy. It is an enormous change by way of your fingers going into your vagina,” Rosas says.

When you aren’t open to self-measurement, chat along with your OB/GYN about cervix peak in your subsequent go to. They might help present a ballpark measurement, pointing you to the place your cervix falls on the spectrum of “low” to “tremendous excessive.””


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